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~Tainted Love~ Sasuke X Sakura


Hiya I'm Rebecca and this is my SasuXSaku Fan Club! ^//^ I hope you like it.  Well I really am not good at making welcomes.^_^;; Well I love the show Naruto!(obvious) I bet you can guess who my fav chars are!^_^ PEACE OUT! *shows a peace sign and runs out the door*

Ok on here I'll be uhhhhhh saying hi and w/e. O///O *nervous look* DAMN! I'm really not good at the first page introduction thingy. T////T HELP ME!!!! Well look above and that's where I say the hi thingy. And below is where I say the other w/e crap. Injoy ^_^


A music vidio and some other stuff!^///^


Quote of the day: I did it but I'm blaming you for it-Happy Bunny


Color Of The Day: Orange


Song Of The Day: Body Crumbles


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~Even after the snow falls I will remain in your heart~